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  • How does your Sweat Butter work?
    The moisture in the Sweat Butter traps heat when you are working out then signals your body to cool down by sweating.
  • Is the Sweat Butter dangerous to use?
    Sweat creams, gels, and butters became popular in boxing and other sports that requires athletes to weigh-in prior to competition. Weight loss methods that most athletes use in addition with sweat butter are considered dangerous; however, using the product alone is safe.
  • Is it hot?
    No. the ingredients contain moisture trappers that will lock heat and create warmth against your skin during exercise.
  • My product turned to liquid.
    Our product shares coconut oil stability and changes from liquid to firm depending on room temperature. We recommend keeping your lid tight to prevent leakage or storing the sweat gel in a cool area for a solid surface.
  • Will I lose water weight or body fat?
    Our body is made up of approximately 60% water. During exercise you will shed water weight first. Using our product will target water retention in the areas you spread the sweat butter on. Add strength training in your routine to maintain muscle mass or target additional body fat.
  • Will I gain the water weight back after I hydrate?
    With any workout, you will gain healthy water retention back after replenishing to properly recover. If you are tracking your weight, check-in at the start of your day rather than the end of your day. To minimize unwanted gain consider lowering your sodium or carbohydrate intake. We also recommend using the Sweat Butter consistently and a nutritious diet for best results.
  • What’s the difference between Warm Up and similar products?
    Our Sweat Butter contains ingredients to defend you from harmful uv sunrays, germs, bacteria, viruses, sweat induced fungi, and insects. Whether you are training indoors or outdoors, we want you to enjoy a safe, sweat dripping workout.
  • What are the benefits of Waist Training?
    Reduced bloating. Reduced back pain. Targeted sweat.
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