Bath Salt

Our bath salt is crafted with dried flower buds, dead sea salt minerals, and essential oils to provide the ultimate recovery experience.



Magnesium Sulfate. Baking Soda. Pink Halamalyn Salt. Jasmine Rose Buds. Lavendar Essential Oil. Tea Tree Oil.



  • Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) - Magnesium sulfate replenishes the electrolytes in your body and boosts your lactic acid to help your muscles recover from exercise. Soaking in magnesium will also reduce swelling, stiff joints, joint pain, and muscle tension.


  • Baking Soda - Baking soda elimates bad toxins from your body and boosts your immunity. 


  • Pink Hamalayan Salt - Aids the magensium sulfate to stimulate circulation.


  • Jasmine Rose Buds - The Jasmine flower is an antidepressent and natural remedy to treat menopause, abdominal pain, and menstrual cramps. It's also eliminates gas that traps to intestine to diminish bloating.


  • Lavendar Essential Oil - Calming oil that helps you relax and sleep better.


  •  Tea Tree Oil - One of the most powerful oils designed to treat and prevent fungal infections that are present in damp environments such as: wet clothes, showers, gym mats, and boxing rings.



4 Ounce.

Bath Salt